DNA uncovers mystery migration to the Americas – BBC News

DNA uncovers mystery migration to the Americas – BBC News

Modern day native people in Brazil have traces of Australasian, DNA raising new questions about how and when the first Americans arrived. Two separate genetic analyses have found evidence for a surprising genetic link between the native populations of the Americas and Oceania. The DNA of some native Amazonians shows significant similarity to indigenous inhabitants […]

NASA spots another impressive mountain range on Pluto – Washington Post

The western edge of Pluto’s “heart” as seen on July 14 by New Horizons. (NASA/JHUAPL/SWRI) The latest intriguing feature spotted on Pluto is a new mountain range — one with peaks as tall as the Appalachian Mountains on Earth. The new range, shown in the image above, joins one discovered earlier that’s comparable in height to […]

This computer is better at recognising terrible drawings than you are – TechRadar

Computer vision experts from Queen Mary University of London have developed software that’s already better than humans at recognising what hand-drawn sketches are supposed to represent. The program, known as Sketch-a-Net, is a ‘deep neural network’, meaning it emulates how the human brain processes inputs. It gathers data from both the shape of the object […]

Top NASA scientist says catastrophic sea level rise is inevitable – News Quench

When James Hansen, NASA’s former lead climate scientist, has something to say about the effects of climate change, people tend to listen up. According to a report from Slate, Hansen, along with 16 other coauthors, has concluded in a new study that glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica will likely melt 10 times faster than previous […]

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